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What’s preferable for Btech students ?

A question that had much confused me to the core in the beginning was about which is preferable to BTech students,MBA or MTech or ahem,MS(as most prefer).I know that almost all the students doing or has completed Btech has thought of this question atleast once during their lifetime..still as i dont expect to get placed after completing my Btech  due to ahem u know,this question was of utmost importance to me.Also this global recession thing has ensured one thing..that the Btech students who are passing out these 2-3 years dont get a permanent job..it will take quite a lot of skill and a lot of luck to hang on to ur job..anyway my top priority now is to pass all papers in BTech and think of other options later…but as i see many who are confused what to do after their engg.,i thought this is a subject of utmost importance and someone has to start a discussion so i thought i would..this is just an attempt for that..do post ur opinions on the topic as comments

i found a lot of opinions..well narrowing it all down it comes to our personal opinion but in this age we have to take advice of the people who have experienced this.Many people at this point ask a question:”If you are going to do an MBA after Btech why did you do Btech in the first place…why did u ???? so hard for these 4 years to get your BTech if you are trying to go from the technological field.!!”(worked hard :O ??)..anyway this question is typically another example of people being ignorant..well yes its the students personal decision which matters anyway..theres a saying “survival of the fittest” it becomes relevant in todays nightmarish conditions..rest u guess.

Earn money and live fast- MBA
Earn respect and live peacefully- MTECH

this is a definition i found in the net.well its the truth..people who do MTech are more into the teaching field..though one can take an MBA even after completing MTech..another post which i found in the net lays out many reasons why MTech has lost its value and why MS is so far better..well i donno..i think MTech at IITs or IISc is certainly better..a person was telling me last day that she wont study in India if she dont get into IISc or an IIT..our IITs are best in the world in undergraduate disciplines only ie in BTech,and not the numero uno in graduate disciplines..and of course as many might know,a degree from IISc,bangalore is better than IITs.still i have heard that each IIT is famous for some streams,and it would be best if you opt for that.i dono details..i never tried for IITs..it snt somthng u can achieve in a day rite..and m too lazy..also if one is interstd in working,then why mtech?i mean as far as i hav heard btech students are called for the same job with mtech ns..wel we can enjoy 2 more yrs college with mtech thats true..anyway comin bak to the subject,:evn though this is the case,people point out that MS is certainly much better..i mean all these students are writing GATE and only the best get into IISc,the dream college and secondly to the IITs..well if MS was better why did these lakhs of students studied hard for GATE and got in….still with the availablity of so much bank loans..students tend to go abroad in flocks..the competition is much lesser abroad and the bankloans and scholarships promote students to go out of the country.and what is AMIE and MIE ..is MIE a substitute for MTech..the only extrathing i see is that we get regular magazines at my home due to that :D

now talkin about MBAs.A Btech from an IIT with an MBA from an IIM is the dream combination as widely approved.and it neednt be an BTech from an IIT too…any students passing out from IIMs can get upto 15-20 lakhs per month..well itsnot just about money..also one take an MBA after MTech too..but it is the getting into top Bschools that matter…CAT conducted by the IIMs(Indian Institute of Management s)is considered as the world’s toughest exam even though the syllabus is just the portions upto standard 10 in school..yes,u heard it rite !!believe your eyes…portion upto 10th only :)also in numbers,out of 300,000 students who take this exam,only the top 1 or 2 % students(meaning they have to come into top 3000-6000 and also cleared cutoff in all the 3 sections of the aptitude test namely quant,verbal & DI) are selected to take part in GD s at each IIMs..then the students who passed GD is led to the interview after that…Finally only about 1000-2000 students are selected to the IIMs..IIM admission process renowned as the three layer elimination process is many a person’s nightmare.and i think it made it to some guiness record or somthng as the worlds toughest admission process or rejection ratio somthng..anyway,the reward can be huge…IIMs are rated as the toughest Bschools in the world to get into and ofcourse the students who made it are safe..with a salary package upto Rs 2 crore p.a(u have got to trust ur eyes again,lol),a PGDM (equiv to an MBA) from an IIM is many a person’s dream..

also there are many who write the civil service exams or the IES(Indian engineering services),the IRS etcand other examinations..i know that many,now are preparing for the JTO exam as i write this piece..many opt to work in ece or software after getting a Btech..and many has advised me to work for some years and go take an MBA cos the best Bschools in the world look for work experience..

i posted this cos i thot its a subject which needs to be discussed among students now a days..and it wud be certainly be helpful if someone gives some advise..well..i at present am aiming to complete my BTech..thats of the topmost priority…and i dont know if i would get placement with my marks…still if i do,i would really like to work..

and it would really be helpful if someone would post something about the CDS(combined defense services)exam.. any advice on anything which can be easily gained is welcome :Pfull post here: http://www.cealive.com/2009/06/14/mba-vs-mtech-vs-ms-what-to-do-after-btech-which-is-more-preferable-to-btech-students/

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