Shanghai Jie Cai: inkjet supplies to go independent innovation, inexpensive road

“Buy original supplies can not afford to buy counterfeit products deceived” consumers in China have many ink-jet printing problems. China inkjet printing supplies industry, original ink products, counterfeit products and compatible products, followed by 4:4:2 ratio, how to get out “Made in China” and inexpensive way it is facing domestic supplies manufacturers top priority consumers are most concerned about the problem, but steady development of global supplies industry, the focus can not be ignored. To this end, special screen printing industry, HC network channel specially interviewed inkjet ink research and development of Sino-US joint venture, production of high-tech enterprises Shanghai Jie-color digital ink-jet Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Wang Jie, and we discuss the compatibility of digital inkjet products to development.

Shanghai Jie-color digital ink-jet Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Wang Jie

HC Network: Shanghai Jie-color digital ink-jet Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US joint venture, you can give us about your company’s development process it?

Wang Jie: Shanghai Jie-color digital inkjet technology Ltd (JCD) is a Sino-US joint venture, was formally established in September 2004, specialized in producing printer consumables high-tech enterprises. Our main products are a complete line of water-based dyes, pigments and dye-sublimation ink, sublimation ink, which is the transfer by virtue of its excellent print results and good fluency won recognition at home and abroad customers. Jie Cai order to further expand markets, increase market share supplies, Epson launched the end of 2006 the non-sponge cartridge patents. Our ink cartridge products cover almost all Epson inkjet printers split, and launched in early 2007, Epson and HP, CISS. The reason why we will now supplies industry when competition has intensified into the cartridges into the market because we have our own core technology and the corresponding patent. Ago, the domestic manufacturers have a good number of cartridges are original complaint, and to stop the sale of related products, in fact this should be a lot of consumers, bad news, because they can only choose original, but the price is very original expensive, invisibly increase their print or printing costs. The Czech is in the timing of color in the original manufacturers do not infringe the principle of intellectual property, introduced to meet the customers needs, but also greatly reduce the cost of the products used. This is our company or the consumer is a very good chance.

HC Network: Your company’s business scope and product line have? What are the recent launch of the new R & D results?

Wang Jie: Our main product is a full range of desktop and wide format dye, pigment, sublimation ink, textile printing ink special ink and a weak solvent.

Recently launched and soon to be launched with Epson’s proprietary ink cartridges, CISS; HP print cartridge technology, the latest model SPT, even for its corresponding ink; special coated paper digital color printing and UV curing inkjet ink-jet .

HC Network: Your company’s products are compatible with it? Industry-recognized original cartridge products currently on the market, counterfeit products and compatible products, share ratio of 4:4:2, your company how to deal with foreign original products and the dual challenges of fake and shoddy products?

Wang Jie: Jie Cai’s products are compatible for. The existence of the industry now supplies original products, counterfeit products and compatible products in the competition. Counterfeit products are “of hatred”, it should kill them. This is an infringement of intellectual property rights, but also harm consumer interest, we should not advocate, government departments should be firmly discouraged such products in the market circulation. For example, someone accidentally bought out a counterfeit ink cartridges, ink appeared a few days gone, or plug the phenomenon, more serious or even ruin the printer head, this kind of thing I am sure many people have encountered may ultimately nothing with, because too expensive original cartridges, they consume afford, dozens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars a dozen milliliters of ink, not everyone could afford! We supplies products compatible with the original purpose of the quality of products is comparable to or even exceed, the price is significantly lower than the original, or even only a quarter to half the original price. Then counterfeit products will be met with natural selection, while compatible with the final product will be the consumers an alternative, you can call it inexpensive. Believe that competition in the market after the supplies original and compatible products is among the competition. Face the dual challenges of original and fake, the Czech Republic has its own color as the core technology and a large number of patents, confidently believe that we can win the final victory.

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