Technology Communications – Role Of Technology Communications In Development

Today technology has invaded many aspects of human life. From its gigantic power on our education and professional growth, to the more delicate presence of little gadgets littering our homes, technology is nearly everywhere.

Unhappily, it does not need much analysis to understand that even though technology usage is growing fast in Africa, we still have numerous developmental problems in our continent. This is a situation where higher technology is coexisting with underdevelopment in Africa. With all the control that technology wields, it will be a helpful exercise to study the ways in which it can be used to solve some of those very problems it has come to meet. In essence, using our little gadgets to solve our huge problems. This is the surroundings against which this study is undertaken. Asking whether our problems can be solved at all, then enumerating instances where technology communication and development projects that utilize technology have been put to work, and concluding by investigative the cases and drawing lessons from them. The limits to what the human mind can imagine and achieve are increasing. More discoveries have been made, more things have been shaped, more theories have been proved and disproved, more machines have been made and more troubles have been formed. Scientific technology and technology communications has been the driving force behind all these. Science has certainly proved to be influential tool which has touched many people and has shaped many communities.

As per Concise Oxford dictionary 10th edition, technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Undoubtedly from this definition we can see that scientific information may exist theoretically but it only becomes technology when it is used in practical settings. For instance we may say the information of the rules of up-thrust and buoyancy is theoretical, however practical use of these rules to manufacture airplanes could be termed aircraft technology.

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