The Neo-Tech Discovery Came From Poker

The greatest selling poker book of all time has it’s roots in Objectivist philosophy. Dr Frank R Wallace penned Poker: A Guaranteed Income For Life which became the precursor to The Neo-Tech Discovery.

That, his first best seller allowed him to explore personal mysticism and develop the Objectivist oriented Neo-Tech concepts of Discipline, Thought and Control.

Even before The Discovery he taught the concepts of Discipline, Thought and Control, and revealed how through staying rational, one could extract an income from mystical people by monitoring, and using, their personal laziness and self-dishonesties.

On completing the poker book, Wallace stopped playing poker, for he saw it now as a waste of time. He turned to developing Neo-Tech.

In the early days of developing Neo-Tech Frank R Wallace wrote a book called Psychuous Sex which explored how honesty and mysticism affects romantic love by reviewing the Evolution of Man and the History of Love (or historia de amor).

Psychuous Sex is the combination of the human senses with the gratification of the mind. This fed a large portion of The Neo-Tech Discovery.

The history of love was a major theme of Wallace’s early research, and The Discovery provides very clear concepts for realistic and fulfilling relationships.

The Neo-Tech Discovery covers Neo-Tech views on Politics, Business, Religion and Relationships.

I first received a 1990 version of The Neo-Tech Discovery titled Neo-Tech Power. It took me 2 weeks to work through it all, and since then I have read it several times more. On first reading The Neo-Tech Discovery I thought ‘wow’. On the second reading of Neo-Tech I thought ‘I see’. On the third reading of The Discovery, I thought ‘Ok, I’ll do it’. You’ll just have to see it for yourself. If you get the chance to be selected by Neo-Tech Publishing’s Database Marketing Program now crossing world-wide to provide Neo-Tech to the masses via a strategic plan.

The Neo-Tech Discovery reveals the underlying guilt many people experience due primarily to religion. The Neo-Tech Discovery claimed creatively that ‘only atheists go to heaven’ meaning that the transcendence from negativity happens only by a path of total honesty and self-responsibility.

The Neo-Tech Discovery is a hard hitting book that shakes many people out of their views of themselves and others.

On the topic of politics, Neo-Tech exposes political corruption in powerful emotional and permanently memorable descriptions of the absolute damage against society and individuals caused by the very nature of government itself.

The Neo-Tech Discovery shows how value creation through business is the greatest benefactor of mankind, and that self-esteem comes from contributing to others through creativity and business.

The Neo-Tech Discovery cleverly integrates all these areas of life into a tight matrix of small concepts easily readable, but often difficult to emotionally accept. It takes courage to get through The Neo-Tech Discovery.

Source by Nathan F. Shaw


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