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Digital technology has made a mark in the technology world today where everything is seemed to be inspired by it. Things become handy and easy to maintain. The scope of the digital technology is so vast that now we have different types of digital media available which runs on different platforms but all they have in common is that they all use digital technology. Digital technology has given electronic media a new height. Television, computer, audio/video devices, mobiles, iPods and much more, the effect of the digital media can be seen everywhere. Our books, newspapers and magazines also become digital and all this is because of the latest features and facilities that the digital technology provides to its users.

On one side where this digital technology has made things more advanced and featured rich, it has also made things easy to access and achieve. You don’t have to depend on your nearby bookstore for a particular book being available to you as you can easily find a digital version of the book online. Known as the e-book, digital versions are available online for most of the popular books which is a great thing for those who just can not buy printed versions of expensive books. Digital versions are not only cheap and easily available but many of them are freely available. Environmental friendly digital versions have become a key to success for many businesses and organizations. The use of digital catalog can be seen on many online stores where it has become a necessity rather than a matter of convenience.

Online world has cluttered with various online media which is easily available for all online community. Digital magazines, e-books, audios, videos and various applications are available for a whole new digital experience. Digital magazines which are all available due to the revolution in the online magazine software industry, has become a first choice for many online readers. A digital magazine is a magazine with multi-media capabilities and zoom-in/zoom-out capability so that you can get to any fine print on the magazine without a magnifying glass. Increasingly popular in the online world today they have opened a new door for many business promotions and marketing strategies.

When we talk about online digital media, we cannot ignore those media files which are unique in the sense that they seemed to be just meant for online world; however this is not the case. Yes, we are taking about the flash files which are so light and browser friendly that that they become a premium choice for the digital media requirements for many digital magazines. The evolution of various PDF to flash software has made it very easy for everyone to make a lively flash file from a static PDF file.

Liveliness symbolizes digital media, which is also a big factor of our life. Digital media which is a new definition of the digital technology is the one, without which we cannot imagine the today’s world.

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