Benefits Of Technology

Search engines have made it extremely easy to answer simple questions in a very small amount of time. Things that used to take more than a day to figure out can now be answered in a matter of seconds. Suppose you have termites and you want to find termite treatments. It is as easy as typing it into Google, Bing, or any other search engine available. Search engines have almost eliminated the necessity of having things printed in books. Technology continues to advance and as it does, the way society functions will also change. It has become so easy to find information.

Technology is huge benefit to society, but some would like to argue that is has had a negative effect on this new generation. People seem to believe that the generation growing up with this intense technology has created a sense of dependency on the technology itself. It has quickly progressed from a privilege to being expected. The dependency on technology has created a generation that is concentrated solely on the advancements and usage of such machinery. The advancements have created a vast amount of new discoveries and opportunities, but have also created a group of people who cannot function without it.

In some cases, technology is not always the best way to accomplish something. The problem with this generation is that they rely on technology to do everything for them so they do not learn how to do it themselves. Technology has created the ability to produce an answer without even thinking it through. It has created the ability to be ignorant and let machinery produce the answer you need. Even though this can be true, in some situations, technology has been extremely beneficial to society. Depending on what it is being used for, it is either beneficial or detrimental to the person using it.

The only problem with the fact that people are no longer thinking for themselves is that the technology is becoming society. This is only some people’s viewpoints; some people believe that since people are the ones creating the machinery, that the machinery itself is not doing all the work. The only problem with that viewpoint is that the machines may not be thinking for the generation creating it, but the generation after is only using it. Both ideas are correct in some ways but there is no way to determine which side is completely correct because they both are in some ways.

There will always be advancements in technology. As technology advances problems will become different and maybe more extreme. The benefits of equipment can be extremely vast, as well as the detriments, as with most other situations. Things can now be figured out in record amounts of time. The biggest benefit of technology is the information and knowledge you can attain from it. There will always be controversy over the benefits and problems that it can cause. The only way you can avoid letting technology control your life is to only use it for things you need it for.

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