Technology Disconnect

Technology disconnect is becoming a big issue, but most people are not aware of it or don’t want to talk about it. Isn’t that the problem in the first place? Let me just say, I love technology and gadgets too, computer, cell phones PDA, I pods and now the I pad. This stuff is cool, but what I see and I am sure you see it too. Most people are caught in this tech bubble and don’t know it. Have you walked into a store and checked out while still talking on the phone. Did you even say hello to the person cashing you out. How rude are we anyways? Do we ever experience the moment at hand? Are you seeing that people have discovered a new what to escape real communication. How do we share our lives, moment by moment. But lots of these moment are being lost because of lack of focus on the moment and people at hand. Have you ever experience a person who stops by to say hello and get a text message from somewhere in the stratosphere and now they are with you in body only, but having a so-called conversation with invisible texting buddy. What an intrusion this is. These people are missing the moment at hand. They don’t understand how the other person feels when this happen. We are losing respect for the people who are physically around us. I have to ask a question, are people afraid to share one on one these days. So to avoid openness and good conversation, they quickly answer cold text message instead of a warm “eyeball to eyeball” heartfelt talk. No wonder our society is getting cold and cruel.

Let us remember that when we are on the cell or text or pc or mac, whatever, remember there are warm live people who may want to talk to you, who need you, and want you to love them and to understand them. So the next time you look to use your toys remember not to try and escape, don’t get caught in the tech bubble or being a victim of the technology disconnect.

Source by Gary J. Cooper


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