Types of Technical Aptitude Test

We spend nearly 100,000 hours in our lifetime working. So, wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling if we love our work, rather than dreading Monday mornings? Selecting the right career is one of the best ways to make your life enjoyable and exciting. If you feel that you have an inclination towards technical jobs and wish to opt for a career involving technical functions, you may take a technical aptitude test. A technical aptitude test is designed to identify suitable candidates for technical roles within the emergency services, military, craft, and engineering jobs.

Technical aptitude tests questions can be classified as follows:

Mechanical Reasoning – A technical aptitude test contains mechanical reasoning questions which are designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of physical and mechanical principles. For example, if you wish to opt for an engineering job, you must have the knowledge regarding pulleys, levers, and simple electrical circuits. Mechanical reasoning tests are used to select from a wide range of technical occupations.

Fault Diagnosis – These questions are used to select personnel for technical roles where they need to find and repair faults in electronic control systems. The fault diagnosis questions are based on pure logic. This is because when a fault develops, there is often no physical clue as to the cause and the technician has to solve the problem by a process of logical elimination. This type of test is used extensively to select technical and maintenance personnel within the armed forces.

Spatial Ability – The technical aptitude test also includes spatial ability test questions. Spatial ability can be defined as ‘the ability to interpret and make drawings, form mental images, and visualise movement or change in those images.’ It measures a candidate’s ability to manipulate shapes in two dimensions or to visualise three-dimensional objects presented as two-dimensional pictures.

Verbal Ability – It comprises spelling, grammar, and ability to understand analogies and follow detailed written instructions. These questions appear in most technical aptitude tests. The reason for this is simple: employers want to know how well you can communicate.

Numerical Aptitude – It includes basic arithmetic, number sequences and simple mathematics. These questions are also asked in most technical aptitude tests because employers want some indication of a candidate’s ability to use numbers.

Abstract Reasoning – Measures your ability to identify the underlying logic of a pattern and then determine the solution.

Depending upon your requirement and nature of job, you may take the technical aptitude test. There are various online companies that offer a wide range of technical aptitude test. These tests can also be downloaded for free. All you have to do is select a reputed company and practise as many number of test papers as you can. This will help you get an idea of the questions asked in the examinations and would increase your chance of cracking an examination. In addition to the test papers, you may take help of e-books which are designed by industry experts and offer  complete solution for your problems. The e-books contain aptitude test examples and everything else that you need to succeed in a job you are applying for.

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