How to Become a Cosmetic Laser Technician

How would you like to have a career that required the use of laser beams, ultrasonic emission devices, and the manipulation of photon streams? It sounds a bit like a science fiction movie. Perhaps you might prefer a job that would allow you to help others by using machines to turn back the hands of time to return their physical appearance to the way it was ten years ago. Would you be surprised to find out that all of these concepts are elements of the same occupation?

There are no time machines or light sabers involved, but the use of energy emission devices for advanced skin care and anti-aging services are part of an average day for a cosmetic laser technician.

Where would one find a cosmetic laser technician, you ask? In one of the more than two thousand medical spas that have been established across the country over the last ten years. A medical spa represents the fusion of healthcare and cosmetology, resulting in a series of advanced skin care treatments designed to cause dramatic cosmetic enhancements. These services include permanent hair removal, the elimination of wrinkles, the eradication of cellulite, tightening of the skin, lifting and toning of the facial muscles, and much more. The best part about all of these services is that a brief visit to see a cosmetic laser technician at your local medical spa can provide the benefits of these remarkable procedures without the inconvenience of traditional invasive surgery.

If it sounds too good to be true, you can always go find out for yourself. You can become a patron at a local medical spa or you can train to become a professional cosmetic laser technician yourself. The growing desire for medical aesthetic services has created an incredible demand for proficient laser operators. The inherent need to prepare these new laser technicians has subsequently led to the rise of a handful of medical aesthetic training schools located throughout the country. Enrolling in a reputable institute for medical aesthetics is the first step towards beginning a new career in high-tech skin care.

Before attending a laser training program, be sure to do your homework. It may be worth considering traveling to attend a school out of state if you find that there is a superior program. You want to make sure you start off on the right foot with the most complete level of preparation available. Make certain that the training program is physician directed. Is there a full time physician on staff as part of the faculty? It is vital that the curriculum for a course of this type include both classroom and extensive hands-on training. Does the school have a broad range of equipment on hand for you to work with so that you can gain valuable experience with different technologies? There are different lasers and energy based devices for different applications. One that will erase spider veins typically will not remove tattoos. Look for an institute with the resources you will need to be successful.

Make sure to ask the right questions. How long has the school been in operation? How experienced and diverse is the staff? Is the school a full-time training facility, or is it a medical office that offers training on the side or on the weekends?

The medical spa industry is incredibly exciting and growing at a rate of 35% to 40% annually. We may not have light sabers and time machines at our disposal quite yet, but you can be part of the future of skin care today.

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