3 Reasons To Become An X-Ray Technician

Are you looking for a challenging career? If you’ve been thinking about becoming an x-ray technician then this might be the perfect time to start this career that is ripe with opportunity. Radiology technicians play a vital role in diagnosing and treating patients in a variety of fields in the medical industry. Regardless of your personal preferences you can find a field within Radiology that will satisfy your needs and aspirations. Whether you want to work with cancer patients or whether you want to work with animals, one qualification can get you started.

In the medical field there is a whole host of career opportunities. There are many good reasons for becoming an x-ray technician, but here are just 3 to help you make up your mind:

1. Demand

X ray technicians are in high demand. Not only is there a massive shortage of trained and experienced technicians but this demand is set to increase drastically in the next few years. In fact, its estimated to grow by 30% in the next 5 years and at the current rate it will leave a huge gap and a huge demand – which you can help fill. What this means is that you are virtually guaranteed a great job right from the start. It also means that you will have job security which is something that you will probably not see in any other sector of the economy.

2. Salary

One of the best things about becoming an x-ray technician is the high starting pay. Many fresh graduates will struggle but with your radiology qualification you can start on a high salary. As you gain experience and as you start specializing in different aspects of the field you can start earning substantial salaries that are some of the highest in the medical field.

3. Advancement

In most careers you can hit the glass ceiling pretty quickly. With a Radiology career you probably won’t. Its a field that is heavily driven by technology and new technology is being introduced all the time. Along with the new technology comes a need for experts that can work the technology and as a technician you can move along with the technology.

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