Review of the History and Advancements in Cellular Phones

Amazingly, cell phones are actually around for a lot longer that people can think. There are a number of reviews of the history and advancements in cellular phones from different people giving you a brief knowledge about cellular phones. Right from the early 1970s there were wireless cell phones used and widely available in the markets but not many people used they expect the government and big businessmen who used them. These cell phones were not practical devices that would just work when the wireless network would actually be in proper range and this was not the same during the past. This reason made the cell phones inefficient and impractical. The cell phone of early times also looked like large pieces of devices that would also not fit into the purses and pockets and so there was not point in carrying any one of them. Apart from this there was also not any cellular phone accessory at all for the user that personalized their phone. However this picture has practically changed in to a much larger development and advancement in cellular phones.

Cell phones during 1990s

With the emerging of nineties the cell phones started playing a major role in the communication field. Slowly people had started using cell phones in the main stream population and there were also wireless companies like the AT&T who started pushing their service to make wireless phones the best source of communication. The cell phones of the nineties had started using the digital signals rather than the analog signals which were once having control over the communication markets. The digital technology made the wireless conversation even more like the wired phones calls which were used at homes. The digital technology would also perfectly cut up the waves of sound and deliver them in bursts of data which made sound even more clearer.

Advancement in cellular phones

The cell phones started becoming even more affordable for any average person. The plans offered by cellular phones started becoming more and more family friendly as the packages mainly aimed at the regular customers apart from the businessmen. With the advertisements and improvements in technology and cell phone reliability the industry had started changing dramatically. The cellular phone industry had started out as just three million dollar market and it has exponentially grown to nearly a thirty billion dollar cellular phone market.

Today there are a number of cell phone companies and you have a several choices in selecting cell phones and the plans for cell phones which would rather confuse any average person. The advancement in cellular phones was gradually recognized by the development of cell phones that offered different features like storage feature and later cell phones allowed data cables to be attached for further accessibility. Mobile broadband, Bluetooth, multimedia players and features were some other features in the cell phones. In addition to this you will also find cell phones today that include GPS navigation system and the latest touch screen technology cell phones.

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